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Easily create various tickets based on price and even set sale dates for each.

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Ask for payment before issuing tickets, or enable 'pay later' to let attendees download their tickets and pay at the gate.

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Record attendance, lock out attendees with unpaid tickets, and even set up survey questions to ensure you get helpful feedback for your next event.

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Easy attendee management including Refunds and Messaging. Data export - attendees list to XLS, CSV. Generate print friendly attendee list.

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Real-time event statistics. Customizable event pages. Multiple currency support.

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With QR codes and your logo. Quick and easy checkout process. Ability to add service or booking charge to tickets.

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Track sales volume / number of visits generated. Widget support - embed ticket selling widget into existing your websites.

Multiple payment gateways

Works with Mpesa, Cash Payment and Equity Eazzypay. You can even issues tickets to attendees and have them pay you at the gate. Whichever payment option you prefer, we have you covered.


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